Quadrant Resource:New UHRS Job Providing Company with lot of Hitapps

Want to work in UHRS platform?yes means,here comes the new UHRS Job providing Company which is a right competitor for Clickworker and Datamime.Quadrant Resource is a Crowd Sourcing Platform.An Indian Company which allows you to work in UHRS Platform.If you are a person who wants to work in a Online Part time Job,you have to know about UHRS Platform.Universal Human Relevance System is a Online platform which allows you to work in Various Tasks or Hitapps.You cannot able to get direct access to UHRS but you can get access via vendors or company providing UHRS tasks.Some of the famous vendors are Clickworker,Datamime and Quadrant Resource.In this article I am going to Explain all details about quadrant resources:


1,What is Quadrant Resource?
2,Pros and Cons
3,How to Signup in Quadrant Resource?
4,How to get access to UHRS in Quadrant Resource?
5,How to Qualify for Quadrant Resource UHRS?
6,Quadrant Resource Payment details
Quadrant Resource:New UHRS Job Providing Company with lot of Hitapps
Quadrant Resource:New UHRS Job Providing Company with lot of Hitapps

What is Quadrant Resource?

👉Quadrant Resource is an Online Crowdsourcing platform that allows you to get access to UHRS.
👉Quadrant Resource is an Indian Company running from 2017.
👉Quadrant Resource is an IT company that wants people to collect data,cloud computing,analyzing and Classifying data.
👉They are trusted and you don't need to worry about your payment and they are paying monthly.

Pros and Cons:



👍They have more Hitapps than some other Competitors.
👍No Issues with their Payment structure.
👍Good Customer support via mail.
👍Easy Qualification process. 


👎Have to improve their user interface.
👎More payment methods like Paypal and Payoneer is too good options comparing to Bank.
👎Some Issues in Receiving verification OTP and Selecting language.
👎It is better to receive weekly payments other than monthly payments.

How to Signup in Quadrant Resource?


Click the button below to Enter into Quadrant Resource Signup page:

You have to wait 30 seconds.

💓After entering into Quadrant Resource signup page,In Crowd Registration form enter your First and Last Name,Enter your mail id two times for confirmation,Password and Confirm it and then Click the Register Button.
💓Now you will Receive an Confirmation mail,Click it and confirm your details.
💓If you are not Receive your Confirmation mail in main folder then also check your Spam/Junk folder.
💓Now you will read a message showing that your mail Id is Confirmed then you have to login with your Email Id and Password.

How to get access to UHRS in Quadrant Resource?

💚You have to Fill some details before entering into UHRS assessment.
💚First of all,Click the NDA Agreement and scroll down then you have to enter your First and Last name as entered in Signup process and Click the button to agree their agreement.
💚Then Click Profile Information and in submenu click the Profile option.
💚Now you have to fill your First Name,Last Name and everything except City,address and Phone number because it takes lot of time to load and process.
💚In list of submenu,Click Personal Information and Click the Check box and Click the Agree button.
💚In list of submenu,Click Language option to select your language but I personally recommend you to Add English First and then add your Native language.
💚You can add as many languages you want but you need to submit certificates for doing tasks in Foreign languages.
💚You have to complete minimum 75% of your profile to start your UHRS assessment.If you are done,you are all set to take the Qualification assessment.
Quadrant Resource:New UHRS Job Providing Company with lot of Hitapps
Quadrant Resource:New UHRS Job Providing Company with lot of Hitapps

How to Qualify for Quadrant Resource UHRS?

💥Quadrant Resource UHRS assessment consists of 15 multiple choice questions and you have to answer it within time limit.
💥Questions are asked from basic English Grammer and you have to get minimum 80% to pass the Qualification Exam.
💥If you are Failed in First attempt don't worry,still you will get 2 to 3 attempts to pass the UHRS assessment.
💥If you don't know to Answer the Questions means then you to google or ask your friends for it.
💥But my Recommendation is to download Brainly playstore application and copy paste your questions,now in list of answers select the answers with Rating above 4.
💥If you follow my method,I am sure that you will Pass the UHRS assessment.After pass the Exam,you have to create an Outlook id.
💥They will provide an Outlook address and then you have to create an Outlook id with the details provided by them.
💥And again you will asked to fill the First and last Name and your language etc and Enter your Live id(Outlook id) and Click send verification code.
💥If you received the OTP means Enter it and Click the validate button.
💥Majority of people don't receive their OTP,so Contact them via mail (Quadrant support:crowdsupport@quadrantresource.com).I am sure that they will reply you and solve your issue within 2 or 3 days.
Quadrant Resource:New UHRS Job Providing Company with lot of Hitapps
Quadrant Resource:New UHRS Job Providing Company with lot of Hitapps

Quadrant Resource Payment details:

💰Click the Payment details option under profile information in your side bar.
💰Fill all details mentioned below as mandatory:
  • Account Holder Name
  • Account Number
  • Bank Name
  • IFSC code
  • Phone Number
  • Confirm your Account Number
  • Branch Name
  • Pan Card Number
💰And then Click Submit button.Now you will Finish your Payment section but also you have to submit some proofs to Receive your payment.
💰Click the Id Proofs section under Profile Information,And now you have to submit your Pancard Number and the scanned Photocopy of your Pancard.Click save.
💰It is also mandatory to give your Account Number again with the scanned Photocopy of cancelled Check.Click save.
💰If you don't have Cancelled check means use your passbook front page instead of Cancelled check.
💰Their payment Cycle is monthly so don't worry about it.There is no minimum requirement for withdraw.
Quadrant Resource:New UHRS Job Providing Company with lot of Hitapps
Quadrant Resource:New UHRS Job Providing Company with lot of Hitapps


If you have any doubt in signup or payment process means ask in comments section,I will reply you as soon as possible.Personally i feel Quadrant Resource is a nice Platform for earn some Money.If you want Earn more money means Check out my other articles like Datamime,Clickworker.You have to Just click the UHRS menu to see all articles related to it.

I Hope you understand to Create an UHRS id via Quadrant Resource and Thanks for Reading my article,Happy Earning!!   


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  1. Is it possible to work on Datamime and Quadrant Resource simultaneously with different browsers (Single PC) and same bank account details?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Yes,you can work simultaneously on both datamime and Quadrant resource.same bank details also no problem

  2. Thank you for your valuable information, I have another query on Datamime. I can see the earnings on their page but the payment date is empty. I am confused with this matter. Please help me on this issue. Thank you.

    1. payment date is empty is an issue with them but they will surely pay you.Don't get confused because they will send you a mail about your payout details every month.

  3. Thank you a lot. I will take your help again if I stuck with any issues on these matters.

  4. Hello, Datamime payment not received yet. 'My earnings->Payout-> 'Status is showing paid (Datamime page).' They are even not replying the mails I sent. Replying with 'Bot'...."We have recieved your request and will update you in 24hr." My bank account details (India) and 2FA is okay. Please help and suggest. Thank you.

    1. Before two days only they are paying me in Paypal.You can contact them via mail.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Good Article, but you just highlight Bright side of Quadrant Resource. The darker side is
    Form June 2021 they hold payments for majority of Workers, it is now August 2021, Two month payment is not cleared by QR.
    My concern is if you have any issue with payment then clearly reply and circulate message among the workers. But support not even reply.
    HIT Apps availability is good , every thing is good for QR , but payment process is not good. And all workers works for payments only.

  7. Hi sir but i don't know how to get payment but i did work frm 1 month

    1. They will send your payment automatically to your bank account.or else contact their support

  8. How long does it take them to pay via paypal in other countries i.e Not India or USA?