Datamime-Instant access to UHRS

Datamime UHRS is a best Part-time job provided by Tech mahindra Company.So in this article,I am going to explain all details about datamime such as registration in datamime,Enabling two-factor authentication and Completing your payment details etc.
Datamime-Instant access to UHRS
Datamime-Instant access to UHRS

About Datamime:

👉Datamime is a Platform that provides instant access to UHRS.
👉In Datamime,You can get access to UHRS immediately without any Qualification Exam.
👉Datamime is Tech Mahindra's in-house workflow and data management tool which enables you to perform tasks and manage human annotation tasks easily.
👉You just need an Outlook id to get access to UHRS.
👉Datamime's payment will send to your bank or Paypal id every month once.
👉You need minimum 10$ for processing your payment every month.

How to signup in Datamime?


Click the Text below to Enter into the Signup page:


✅After clicking the text above,You will enter into Datamime's registration page.
✅Just enter your Email address,and click create account button.
Datamime-Instant access to UHRS
Signup in Datamime

✅Then you will receive an email for confirming your registration,Click Activate account button in your email.
✅Then Enter your profile details like First name,Last name,Password,Confirm Password and agree the Terms and Conditions.
✅Click Create account button after entering all the above details.
✅If you complete all the above steps successfully,then you have sign in with your Email address and password to Login into your account.

What to do after Datamime signup?

💯You have to enter your basic info such as Place of Birth,Country,Place of Residence,Language proficiency etc.
Datamime-Instant access to UHRS
Basic info
💯In Secondary Email section,You have to give your Microsoft Outlook id.
💯You have to fill all the details and Click the Update button.
💯Then you have to Click the settings,and then select 2Factor Authentication.
💯You have to Enable it,before that you have to install Google authenticater in your device.
💯Connect your Datamime to your Google authenticater with the Code.

Payment options:

💯Then you have to Click the settings,and then select Payments option.

💯In Account details tab,You have to provide Payment details.

💯You have two options,such as paypal or bank transfer.
Datamime-Instant access to UHRS
Payment option in Datamime

💯For Paypal,You have to provide details such as Country,First name,Last name,Paypal id and your Phone number.

💯For Bank transfer,You have to provide details such as Account name,Account Number,IFSC code,Swift BIC code etc.
💯Then Click save.

How to access UHRS?

 👍First of all,You have to Create an account in Microsoft Outlook and that will be your live id.
Datamime-Instant access to UHRS
Microsoft id creation
👍Go to My apps section,Click start and Enter your Live id and Password.

👍Then confirm the outlook id to finish your process.

👍So now you will get access to UHRS.

I hope you Understand to create a live id in Datamime.Thanks for reading my article.


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