Clickworker Review: Can You Earn More than 500$ per Month in Clickworker UHRS?

Clickworker Review: Can You Earn More than 500$ per Month in Clickworker UHRS?



Yes,you Earn more than 500$ per Month but You have to Follow some steps to be successful in Clickworker UHRS.


Step 1:First of all You have to Know about UHRS Platform 


UHRS Platform is basically divided into two major sections: 






Clickworker Review: Can You Earn More than 500$ per Month in Clickworker UHRS?


Marketplace is a section you can see various hitapps,hits availability,Earn per hit,Average completion time,Preview button,Training button,View guidelines,Qualify button,Start button,Pending button etc.




       Hitapps are various tasks/jobs present in UHRS platform.Each hitapp is different from Each other,You have to read guidelines before doing tasks in hitapps.


       Hits are the questions that can be asked in hitapps.For each and every hit they can pay you money.

Hits availability:


Each and every hitapp will show their available hits in marketplace but that is not exact number of hits but approximately.

Note : Hits availability will be reset for every 15-20 minutes.So you must refresh the page to see exact number of hits availability.


Average completion time: 

Average completion time per hit will show in marketplace.So you have to spend average time to complete each hits.If you do the hits very faster than the average time you have the chances to get a speed ban.

Preview button:

This button is used to get an Idea about the tasks or hits you will get in particular hitapp.

Training button:

Some hitapps will give up to 20 hits to get more familiar with the hits present in the particular hitapp.In some hitapps,it is mandatory to do training before qualify for the particular hitapp.

View Guidelines:

Every hitapps has its own guidelines for working in their hitapps.So you have to read guidelines before doing qualify exam.

Qualify button:

More than 95% of hitapps have Qualification exam.If you press the qualify button then it shows the available attempts to pass the exam and number of hits in each attempt.Then you have to click the confirm button to start the exam.

Start button:

If you pass the Qualification exam then the qualify button changes to start button.So you can click the start button to do the hits in the particular hitapp.

Pending button:

In some cases the hitapp status will change to pending after you finish the qualification exam.That particular hitapps are inactive hitapps.So leave it and focus on other hitapps because pending status will not going to change.


Clickworker Review: Can You Earn More than 500$ per Month in Clickworker UHRS?

 Report is very important section in UHRS.You can see your performance and you can improve yourself.

Judgement total:

It shows the total number of hits that yo have done for a particular hitapp.

Judging hours:

It shows the total hours you spend on that particular hitapp.


It shows the completion time of hits in a particular hitapp for hour.

Potential earnings: 


This shows the amount you have earned by doing hits in that particular hitapp.


Incentive earnings: 


Only few hitapps will give bonus for doing hits.


Total earnings: 


This is the sum of potential and incentive earnings.


Spam Accuracy :


This is the most important part in report section.It gives your performance in the particular hitapp.If your spam accuracy is below than the percentage allowed by that hitapp will be banned you for temporarily.If you want to know more about spam accuracy you have to know about types of hits. 

Types of hits :


1.Spam hits:This hits are used to calculate your spam accuracy.It looks like a normal task hits but this hits answers are known to UHRS.
2.RTA hits:This is similar spam hits but you can know, it is a RTA hit by an alert you will get,when submitting a hit.This hits answer is also known to UHRS but this is not for your spam accuracy.
3.Normal hits:These hits answer is not known to UHRS,These are normal paid hits.

Types of ban :

Spam ban:It depends on hitapps guidelines,In some hitapps you have maintain 90 spam accuracy but in some hitapps it is enough to maintain the spam accuracy above 50.Few of hitapps won't have spam accuracy.If your spam accuracy comes below the limit,you will get a spam ban(Temporary ban).
Speed ban:Every hitapp has average completion time,You have to maintain the average hit completion time.If you try to do hits very faster then it leads to a speed ban(Temporary or permanently).

Ban Timeline :


Temporary ban : Every hitapp will ban you temporarily before permanent ban.You can get that hitapp within 24 hours and you can start working on that hitapp.


Permanent ban : After 2 temporary bans, You will get a permanent ban on that particular hitapp.You will not able to work on that particular hitapp anymore on that account.


How to avoid permanent ban ?

If you get 2 temp bans within 7 days then don't work on that hitapp for next 7days.After 7 days your spam accuracy resets and you can start your work.This will make sure you will not not a permanent ban on any hitapps.

PA AC and TA AC hitapps :


The ban timeline will not work on these hitapps which are ending with PA AC and TA AC.They can also ban you permanently in first time also,So you should be more careful while doing hits in these hitapps.


I hope you have know some new things via my article.Thank you



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  2. How to withdraw Money from Uhrs to Click Worker .pls guide me.

    1. You can link your PayPal or payoneer id then they will automatically transfer your money.